Profit-Booster for extraordinary Spiritual- & Performance Coaches:

"Attract dream Students & Hold Space for deep Transformation"

Stop wasting Time and Money on Hope-Marketing or ineffective Ad-Campaigns...

Spread your Method like Wildfire
via laser-sharp Paid Advertising

Focus only on
what you love most

Stop racking your Brain with Marketing or Scaling and focus your energy purely into your soul purpose; Being a powerful Coach

Attract Dream Students
Like Clockwork

Battle-tested Strategies and proven Campaigns convert strangers into your new dream Students and paying Clients

Deliver massive Results
with your Teachings

Explore more efficient Modalities serving your Knowledge. Take the next Step in your Evolution of a Coach and increase your Value

Selim Burcu & Raphael Hélion

Let me tell you a Story:

„Once Upon a Time there lived a coach. He had exceptional skills and deep knowledge to impart.

His method was revolutionary and secretly in demand everywhere. He knew that too! There were thousands of people out there just waiting to benefit from his expertise.

But unfortunately nobody really knew him! He had absolutely no idea how all these people should be paying attention to him.

He had only one goal and knew that one day he would find someone to help him gain clarity and achieve the vision of making the world a better place. Guess what… HE DID and that moment was NOW!

If that’s you: It would be our honour to invite you to your FREE Demo Workshop that boosts the evolution of your Coaching.“

Here's how it works

*Here at NotyourGuru we only focus on the fundamental actions that create big reactions.
You'll find our clients creating value, realizing their Vision, not buying a Following on Social Media.*

1. Strategy Session | Day 1

Together we develop a plan to take your coaching to the next level and align it with your vision. We analyze your dream Students and design a funnel that automates the client attraction without being pushy or salesy.

2. Campaign Set-Up | Day 7

While you are creating content for your AdCreatives, Selim our "Performance Wizard" will precisely handcraft a fractal Campaign-Structure to ensure massive Results. "Although we can't say how he does it: IT EXPLODES!"

3. Rocket launch | Day 20

Now it's time to convert prospects into your new dream students and fill the available seats for your Coaching. You can focus on leading the coaching and enjoy experiencing your clients transformation.

What we offer


No more, no less

Would you go to an Italian restaurant that also serves Indonesian, American and Swedish dishes? No? That’s also why we decided to specialize in one area!

But if you want an agency that offers a full service solution of everything that won’t move the needle forward – we’re not for you.  

If you want an agency that has a bird’s eye view on your industry and straight up delivers results – we’re for you. 

Mastery demands focus so...

We don't offer any other services except for paid advertising...

The Alignment-Process

To ensure that we only deliver the highest results, we only work with 5 carefully selected trainers at once. The whole process is designed to be super fun, extremely valuable and extremely advanced.

To ensure that we only deliver the highest results, we only work with 5 carefully selected trainers at once.
The whole process is designed to be super fun, extremely valuable and extremely advanced.







Schedule your Session with Raphael

Free 30-Minute Demo Call

By the end of this Discovery Workshop, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to transmute your Coaching to the next level.

Fill out the application today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!

Who this is perfect for:

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